L A W: Decess Case
The DVD playing field appeared to be more level last Monday, when new attorneys representing 2600 won a favorable trial date.
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M P 3: Napster Napster Addicts who just can't say enough about the MP3 file-sharing program should get even more opportunities to do just that when the latest version is released. According to The Wall Street Journal, that will be by the end of this month, when San Mateo-Calif.-based Napster drops an instant-messaging capability into the wildly popular free product.
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L A W:mp3.com
Filed by the Harry Fox Agency against MP3.COM on behalf of two of the music-publishing companies the agency represents. T E C H: TV Internet Chip I.B.M. has a TV Internet Chip technology to provide Internet access on television sets.
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T E C H: Politics
In October 1999, hoping to turn
things around, Bush launched a
fancy revamped Web site in October
1999, and within an hour hackers
had mutilated his picture. Hackers
had replaced his official photo
with a red hammer and porn.

T E C H: Audio Soft

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